At Mountain High Organics we do things a Little bit differently.

From the beginning to the end we have every piece of the growing puzzle.

With many years of growing experience and in the search for the best and true organic way, we created a unique natural compost tea brewing system. With lots of trial and error, we came up with a proven recipe of the finest organic materials.


Centuries old way to grow with a modern spin

We introduce the modern method of active aeration. Returning to the ways of our ancestors this century’s old proven method is combined with the latest biotechnologies. We use only the most natural ingredients to provide a one of a kind experience with science and the Love for growing the best.


Our Tea is Alive!

This organic compost tea will lead to a new and very aggressive growing technique. We have an all-natural tea brewing system that is safe for the environment. We use no inorganic chemicals in the compost tea; our tea is 100% organic. Because the ingredients are all natural we have no waste in the form of run-off to affect the water table, streams or rivers. At Mountain High Organics we have no watered down nutrients, we create a superior product.

Our tea is alive and has a pulse, for the highest yield, aroma and unbelievable flavors.


Active Aeration

A key ingredient in creating our tea is the use of an active aeration system; the aeration provides an important ingredient to the recipe. The air bubbles provide the action to bring it all to life. To be successful the soil must have the proper balance of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes and arthropods.


Learn more

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Where the Aroma, Flavors and Yield all Meet! Happy Growing!!

Our Products

Mountain High Earth Worm Castings

A 100% Pure Organic
Earthworm Castings: Castings are considered super

Origins Base Catalyst Solution

Base, in the silver bag- Origins Compost Tea Catalyst Solution: Buy

Origins Bloom Catalyst Solution

Bloom, in the black bag, Origins Compost Tea, a proprietary Buy

OG Tea Bags

Turning waste into Taste.
Compost Tea Bags. All of our

Silica Shield

USDA Organic Approved, Silica Shield is 8% silicon dioxide with Buy

Deep Water Air Pump

Requires an air diffuser system for brewing tea.

Air Diffuser

Works with the air pump to create oxygen rich bubbles, Buy

¾” hose

This hose is sold by the foot, and is $3.00 Buy

Mountain High Shitake Mushroom Compost

This compost is an active fungi that creates the highest Buy

DimLux Expert Series 1000W DE EL UHF

The DimLux 1000w Full Fixture is one of the most Buy

Bokashi Dry Material

Southern Oregon Bokashi is a composed of symbiotic microorganisms (Lactic Buy

DimLux Expert Series 630W Dual Full Spectrum

The DimLux Expert Series 630W Dual Full Spectrum is a Buy


Call for Pricing Buy

DimLux Maxi Controller

The DimLux Maxi Controller has been designed to manage your Buy

CO2 Sensor for Maxi Controller

The Dimlux CO2 sensor for the Dimlux Maxi Controller measures Buy

Temperature Sensor

Attaching a Temperature Sensor to the Dimlux Maxi Controller provides Buy

Humidity (RH) Sensor

The next step up on the quest for complete lighting Buy

Plant Temperature Camera

The Plant Temperature Camera employs infrared technology to scan your Buy

Aux Box

The Aux box has 2 outputs (2 x 230V, 10A) Buy

Bio Nova Aero – SuperMix

NFT Aero-SuperMix is a one component bio-mineral fertilizer especially developed Buy

Dimlux SSR (Solid State Relay)

20A and 45A Call for Pricing Buy

Alpha Optics Add-On Reflector

Alpha Optics Add-on reflectors to minimize wall losses. Made from Buy


SLF-100 is a commercially proven enzymatic formula with over 18 Buy

Eco-Hydro Fish Fertilizer 1.5-3-0.2 CERTIFIED ORGANIC

A proprietary process of natural fish in its simplest form. Buy

Eco-Fish Bloom 4-23-0, 12% Ca

A proprietary process of natural fish in its simplest form. Buy

Eco-Hydro Shrimp 0-7-0 ALL NATURAL

A proprietary process of natural fish in its simplest form. Buy


A proprietary process of natural fish in its simplest form. Buy

Bio Nova CA 15

This product contains 15% (180 gr/l.) pure calcium, 3% nitrogen, Buy

Bio Nova Coco Forte A

Coco Forte A + Coco Forte B is a complete Buy

Bio Nova Coco Forte B

Coco Forte A + Coco Forte B is a complete Buy

Bio Nova FreeFlow

FreeFlow is a natural wetting agent based on Yucca-exrtact (Sarsaponin Buy

Bio Nova Hydro – SuperMix

Hydro-SuperMix is a one component bio-mineral fertilizer especially developed for Buy

Bio Nova K 20

This product contains 20% K2O. Besides the basic elements N Buy

Bio Nova LongFlower – SuperMix

LongFlower-SuperMix is a one component mineral fertilizer specially formulated for Buy

Bio Nova Mag

This is a product from Bio Nova.

Bio Nova MicroLife (2 KG Soil Booster)

This is a product from Bio Nova.

Bio Nova MicroMix

This product contains: 0:36% Fe (iron HEEDTA); 0.08% Mn (manganese Buy

Bio Nova N 27

This product contains 27% nitrogen (N), of which 13% NO3, Buy

Bio Nova NovaFoliar

Problems with leaf decay as a result of pests? This Buy

Bio Nova Nutri Forte A

Nutri Forte A+ Nutri Forte B is a complete nutrient Buy

Bio Nova Nutri Forte B

Nutri Forte A+ Nutri Forte B is a complete nutrient Buy

Bio Nova P 20

This product contains 20% P2O5. Since ages, phosphor has been Buy

Bio Nova PK 13-14

Phosphor makes for the development of a healthy, extensive root Buy

Bio Nova BN Roots

BN Roots makes for a better and quicker root development, Buy

Bio Nova Silution

Silution is a plant strengthening liquid fertilizer based on stabilized Buy

Bio Nova SprayMix

Spraymix is a pure biological and non-toxic care product and Buy

Bio Nova Soil – SuperMix

Soil-SuperMix is one component mineral-organic fertilizer based on Hydro-SuperMix and Buy

Bio Nova The Missing Link

The Missing Link protects plants from damaging external influences, it Buy

Bio Nova Veganics

This is a product from Bio Nova.

Bio Nova Veganics Bloom

This is a product from Bio Nova.

Bio Nova Veganic Grow 3-2-4 1 Liter

This is a product from Bio Nova.

Bio Nova Veganics Grow

This is a product from Bio Nova.

Bio Nova VitaSol

VitaSol is a liquid organic soil-improver based on potassium (6%). Buy

Bio Nova BN X-cel

BN X-cel is a biological growing and flowering stimulator, which Buy

Bio Nova BN-Zym

BN-Zym is a natural bio-catalyst (process accelerator), medium builder and Buy

What We Do

Mountain High Organics CO creates a high-quality, nutrient-filled organic compost tea system. Our recipe is tested and fertile. It contains the best organic nutrients to help both young and mature plants grow and thrive.

Mountain High Organics CO also offers education on how to help plants access the nutrients. We can show you how to integrate the compost tea with our system of a nutrient calculator, pumps, lights and diffusers.

You can use the Mountain High Organics CO compost tea system by itself or in conjunction with our nutrient line. The organic compost tea complements the nutrient line.

Why Is Mountain High Organics different?

Based in northern Colorado, we are a husband-wife team thats been growing for over 20 years. With more than two decades of experience in cultivating, we are skilled at producing the best flavors, tastes, and yields. We started Mountain High Organics CO in 2014.

The core of our business is offering you the knowledge and products to get you started in organic cultivation. We can help you engage in 100-percent organic growing for flavor, taste, aroma and yield.

One of the most important steps in the creation of our compost tea is that we take the best nutrients for soil and aerate them with a diffuser. The diffuser strips microorganisms from the compost. The aeration brings the microorganisms alive to feed.

Why Choose Us?

Our customers are cultivators who strive to grow the best plants with our 100-percent compost tea system.

At Mountain High Organics CO, aromas, flavors, taste and yields all meet. Our goal is to make your plants dance organically.

Contact Mountain High Organics today to try out our compost tea. Discover how your plants enjoy the powerful nutrients of our organic tea.