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Mountain High Organics Company Tea Recipe

How to Make Tea


  • Put in tea bag
  • 15 ml per gallon Origins Base until plant develops then up to 30 ml gallon
  • Mountain High Organics Earthworm Castings 1 cup per 10 gallon
  • Mountain High Organics Shiitake Mushroom compost 1 cup 10 gallon
  • Bokashi 15 ml per gallon
  • When you go on 12 hour use 15 ml per gallon of Origins Base and 15 ml Origins bloom
  • Then when you show signs of flowering use just the Origins Bloom at 30 ml a gallon


Pour in your water

  • Fish Hydrolysate 1 oz per gallon
  • Full Power 20 ml per gallon
  • Silicate Shield 4.75 ml per gallon every other tea
  • PH at 6.0 to 6.3 with organic PH up or Down
  • Week 4 use Terpinator 20 ml per gallon and Sugaree cutting edge 20 ml a gallon or Nectar of the gods Aphrodite’s
  • .6 ml of Mammuth for the beginning until the end and you are ready to flush
  • Very important to clean out all hoses and pumps tubs nothing becomes anaerobic
  • Enjoy this truly organic way of feeding from the masters of grow