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Mountain High Organics Compost Tea Recipe


  • Use Myco Fusion Green 150 and Myco Fushion Rhizo 2.0:
  • Apply 1 teaspoon of each product into the pot with roots.
  • Bio Jolt every two weeks 1 teaspoon per gallon in tea.

How to Make Tea

  • 1) Place Solid Material in Tea Bag:
  • 2) Earth worm castings 1 cup per ten gallons
  • 3) Shitake mushroom compost 1 cup per ten gallons
  • 4) Use Origin Base Silver Bag in vegetative state then use  the black, Origins Bloom Black Bag with equal parts for bloom stage. I like to bring the base or grow part to 1 tbsp. per gallon.2tbps per gall 3 weeks into bloom
  • 1) Fish Hydrosylate (1 oz per gallon
  • 2) Full Power (20 ml. per gallon)
  • 3) Silicate Shield (1 pint per 100 gallons every other per gallon when plants start budding.
  • 4)PH plants at 6.3 with organic PH, up or down.
  • 5)Apply: Tea than water, Tea than water.
Very Important:

Everything: hoses, pumps, tubs, etc., must be cleaned with BIO GREEN CLEAN so nothing becomes anaerobic!

Enjoy this truly organic way of feeding from the masters of grow. Where the Aroma Flavors and Yield all meet.

Happy Growing!

–Mountain High Organics Compost Tea Company