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Mountain High Organics Company Tea Recipe


  • Use Myco Fusion Green 150 and Myco Fushion Rhizo 2.0:
    • Apply 1 teaspoon of each product into the pot with roots.
    • Bio Jolt every two weeks 1 teaspoon per gallon in tea.

How to Make Tea


  1. Put in tea bag
  2. 15 ml per gallon Origins Base until plant develops then up to 30 ml gallon
  3. Mountain High Organics Earthworm Castings 1 cup per 10 gallon
  4. Mountain High Organics Shiitake Mushroom compost 1 cup 10 gallon
  5. Bokashi 15 ml per gallon
  6. When you go on 12 hour use 15 ml per gallon of Origins Base and 15 ml Origins bloom
  7. Then when you show signs of flowering use just the Origins Bloom at 30 ml a gallon


Pour in your water

  1. Fish Hydrolysate 1 oz per gallon
  2. Full Power 20 ml per gallon
  3. Silicate Shield 4.75 ml per gallon every other tea
  4. PH at 6.0 to 6.3 with organic PH up or Down
  5. Week 4 use Terpinator 20 ml per gallon and Sugaree cutting edge 20 ml a gallon or Nectar of the gods Aphrodite’s
  6. .6 ml of Mammuth for the beginning until the end and you are ready to flush
  7. Very important to clean out all hoses and pumps tubs nothing becomes anaerobic
  8. Enjoy this truly organic way of feeding from the masters of grow