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Bokashi Wet Material

Southern Oregon Bokashi is a composed of symbiotic microorganisms (Lactic Acid Bacteria, Yeasts, and Photosynthetic Bacteria) grown onto a grain substrate that when utilized has been shown to:

  • Breakdown nutrients from the soil therefore making the nutrients more available to plants
  • Reduces the amount of fertilizer needed to achieve healthy productive plants
  • Increase soil microbial activity in soils and, as a foliar spray, on leaves
  • Improves soil structure, stable aggregates, and water holding capacity therefore reducing runoff and soil erosion
  • Increase photosynthetic capacity of plants
  • Suppress soil borne disease and pests
  • Improve plant growth and fosters the formation of larger flowering sets
  • Dramatically speeds up composting of manures and organic waste
  • Can be used in conjunction with organic, synthetic fertilizers, and other mycorrhizal products
  • Provides high levels of polysaccharides, micro-nutrients, beneficial enzymes, and organic acids
  • The bio-available nutrients for the microbial populations aid in the increased aggregate stability and prevention of the pore space from collapsing during heavy irrigation or rains

Wet material contains extremely active beneficial microorganisms and should be used ideally within 6 to 8 weeks after receiving for best results. Wet material should be used entirely after the bag has been opened; unlike the dry material. Larger sized amounts and specialty blends are available by request. Please allow 4 weeks for large quantities (4 or more 55 gallon barrels) or specialty blends so the freshest product is available when desired. Wet Bokashi is packaged fresh when requested by the shop or by order. The shelf life of this product is 3 months from packing date.


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